Everything you need in one place!

No more searching, overthinking and getting overwhelmed trying all sorts of strategies to find clients without any consistency and results.

The Portable Business Accelerator™ is your go-to resource with an online course, a supportive community and a marketing expert right by your side to create real revenue, enjoy lifestyle flexibility and do what you truly love.


This program is for you if:

You have found your calling, you know exactly how you want to make an impact in this world and you might have even started to see results for your clients.

You want to focus on what you truly love to do and turn your business into a real source of revenue while having the flexibility to manage your time as you want and take your business with you wherever you go.

Whether you have a clear business idea but don't know where to start, or you already have a business and want to take it to the next level, the process of figuring it out can feel overwhelming…

  • You need more clarity on your offers, your revenue streams, your pricing and how to get your clients to buy from you without feeling salesy about it so that you can generate real consistent income every month.

  • You need to get more visibility with effective marketing strategies and create consistent content that positions you as the go-to expert without feeling discouraged, unauthentic, or frozen each time you want to share your posts on social media.

  • You need to run your business more effectively with a clear plan and structure. You want to stop feeling like a hot mess chasing the next thing and finally enjoy what you truly love to do for your clients.

Figuring this out on your own takes so much time and energy that it is hard to stay motivated, especially when you don’t see enough traction despite all the efforts you put into your business.

What you really want is to do “your thing”... instead of worrying about “marketing stuff”, but you know that having a clear and consistent strategy is the only way to get to do the “thing” you want to do.

You also know that results don’t come overnight. You are committed to doing the work to grow a successful portable business and building your own source of income, but you do not want to sacrifice quality time with your loved ones, neglect your own self-care and leave money on the table with inconsistent marketing strategies or mistakes you could avoid with the right guidance.

Do you resonate with any of this?

Then the Portable Business Accelerator™ is the perfect solution for you!



“Before the PBA, I felt scattered and unfocused. I was moving in too many directions at once because I didn't really know how to build a business. But the PBA helped me identify my ideal clients, learn how they described their needs, and tailor my message and my offerings to them in a focused way. I also learned to get out of my comfort zone on social media. The PBA creates a game plan to help you get where you know you need to go. It takes the guesswork out of what you need to do next and how to it.”

Stephanie Anderson

What is the Portable Business Accelerator™?

The Portable Business Accelerator™ is your go-to online resource where you will find all the support you need in one place! You will focus your energy on implementing the right strategies for you, one small step at the time.

Inside this program you will get lifetime access to the PBA online course, a supportive community and Amel Derragui’s personal guidance to support you in your journey as you turn your portable business into real revenue and impact.

Imagine how liberating it will feel once you:

  • Remove all the guesswork. With the strategic step-by-step plan you will know exactly what steps you need to focus on depending on your stage of business and how to implement the right strategies that work for you.

  • Save a ton of time and energy. Thanks to ready-made templates, planning resources, organizational processes and real life examples, you will learn how to find your ideal clients, create great content consistently, promote your services or products authentically and run your business like a pro.

  • Demystify what marketing is really about. As you grow your skills through the program, marketing will become a natural thing for you. Over time, you will feel more confident, enjoy working on your business and celebrate more clients coming through the door.

How does the Portable Business Accelerator™ work?

The Portable Business Accelerator™ program contains 3 major components to support you in your journey:

  • The online course with step-by-step guidance to build the foundations of a successful portable business
  • The community of like-minded global entrepreneurs to find accountability and support
  • The live Q&A sessions with Amel to get expert guidance and inspiration


This course is everything you need to build the foundations of a successful portable business in one place!

You will find a complete A to Z implementation plan based on Amel Derragui’s proven 3C™ system framework (Clarity - Consistency - Conversion) and step-by-step guidance to turn your portable business into revenue and impact.

Depending on what stage your business is at currently, you will have the choice between following the course one step at a time, or picking and choosing where you want to focus your energy using the course as your tool box, a go-to resource to address the specific areas where you want to improve in your business.

The online course contains 3 modules:


In order to grow a successful business you will need to be very clear about your business model, your target audience, where your ideal clients are and how to build solid foundations for the long run.

In this module you will define or fine-tune:

  • Who your ideal customers are and where you can find them.
  • What your business model and pricing strategy is.
  • How to make sure that your business model is truly portable.
  • How to run an effective market research and make your business sustainable.


Implementing a consistent marketing strategy and a content strategy is going to be key to your success in business. Without consistency in these two areas of your business, you won’t be able to secure consistent revenue growth.

In this module you will learn how to:

  • Build an effective marketing strategy to grow your visibility.
  • Create relevant content (blog, video or podcast) to position you as the go-to expert and never run out of ideas for your social media that align with who you are.
  • Implement an effective workflow to save energy, time and remain consistent with your content creation and marketing strategy.
  • Grow a mailing list with highly engaged potential clients who want to hear from you and consume your content.


Your business will start generating revenue and impact when you can track and convert your efforts into results. Selling and predicting your income can feel daunting, but when you do it the right way it will feel more natural.

In this module you will learn how to build:

  • A compelling offer that makes your clients want to buy from you.
  • A sales method that is authentic and feels right to you.
  • A yearly promotional plan that you can effectively track in order to reach your revenue goals.
  • A list of raving testimonials and happy customers who want to come back to you and/or recommend you.

Each module contains 5 sections:


You will learn how to build the important pillars of your portable business to create solid strategic foundations for long term success, how to avoid rookie mistakes and become a marketing pro with highly effective strategies.


You will be guided step-by-step through your implementation plan. You will execute each phase of your business development and growth without the guesswork. You will get specific directions and systems on what to do and when.


You will save time from figuring out which online tools you should use to scale your business and learn how to use them (eg: website design, email marketing tools, etc).


Mindset is everything! You will tackle the limiting beliefs and fears that might stop you from making progress in your business and take action.


You will get extra resources and inspiration if you want to enhance your knowledge and skills to build a successful business (books, articles, podcasts, videos, etc).

Inside the lessons you will find valuable resources:

Most of the lessons will provide you with examples, templates and organizational processes to help you remove the guesswork and fast track your progress!

Here are some examples of these resources that will help you take your business to the next level:

Real life examples in various industries:

  • To explain what you do in a memorable way
  • Approach a potential client authentically
  • Pitch the media to be featured
  • Reach out to potential strategic partners
  • Create content that attract clients
  • Present and sell your offers in a compelling way
  • And much more!

Ready-made fillable templates and workbooks that you can personalize to:

  • Describe your business effectively
  • Create your content consistency
  • Write your newsletter
  • Design a compelling offer
  • Design your website
  • And much more!

Downloadable folders and workflow systems to:

  • Organize your content creation workflow effectively thanks to ready-made folders and sub-folders
  • Have a system in place to increase your efficiency, save your documents, scale your business and easily onboard a virtual assistant or a team
  • Manage your sales and promotional plan

Fillable checklist, monthly trackers and calendars to:

  • Implement each step of your marketing strategy with ease
  • Stay consistent with your content creation on a weekly base
  • Track your progress and your notes to keep improving as you grow

Fillable spreadsheets to help you:

  • Plan your weekly content and social media posts in one place
  • Track your lead magnets and email list growth
  • Follow up effectively with potential clients and partners
  • Monitor your sales and revenue goals

Important Note:

The PBA online course will be regularly updated with strategies or tools to help you stay on top of your game as you grow your business.

You will have access to any new updates of this program for FREE!

However, know that the main purpose of the Portable Business Accelerator™ is to build solid foundations and implement strategies that are sustainable for the long run, and that are not based on the most recent marketing fads.

Indeed, although the PBA is about providing you with everything you need in one place, close attention will be paid on keeping you focused and avoiding that you get distracted with “shiny objects” or information you do not necessarily need to build solid foundations for long term growth!



“Before the course, I didn't know where to start. As it is a step-by-step guide, it takes you from idea to implementation. This course removes the guessing and moves you into action. There is no need to buy yet "another course" as this one is very complete.”

Andrea Schmitt



Before starting the PBA, I had no idea about marketing or how to set up my business. I didn't really know where to start or what I needed to consider. I also didn't really know where to turn for answers to all my questions. Since starting the PBA, I have a much better idea of how to market myself and my business, because I have a much better idea of who my ideal client is, how I can support her and how I will market my services. I have also met a fantastic group of peers, all on the same journey and who are willing to support one another to help us create a successful portable business.

Vici Tanner

"With Amel’s process, I got even more clarity about my business and my offer, I launched my business and attracted my first clients! I also learned how to design an effective content strategy to consistently grow my business, which allowed me to create more valuable resources for my audience in less time. Thanks to that process, I realized that creating a whole content plan months in advance is not that difficult!"

Jaizel Selleslaghs



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You have a 35 days return policy guaranteed. If you put in the work and don’t feel totally confident about what you’ve learned, simply reach out. If you show us that you have done the work by sending us your workbooks for each lesson and all completed exercises of one entire module, you will receive a 100% refund your investment.



"Over the past few years my business has morphed, pivoted and changed, and I have tried to keep up with what I need to do working through Amel’s podcast, freebies and FB group. But there is only so much you can do on your own, there is a limit to what you can learn by osmosis. This is where PBA has had such a huge impact on me and my business. With PBA I have not only the business insight and knowledge I was seeking, but the technical behind the scenes to know how to do it. If you are feeling stuck, somewhere down a rabbit hole wondering what to try next? If you are really wanting to grow your business in a positive, robust and meaningful way? PBA will have the sales/marketing, business strategy and technical areas covered for you, as well as the common mindset shifts we all need to make."

Emily Rogers



"Thanks to The Portable Business Accelerator™, we not only got the guidance we needed to successfully launch our new program and attract clients, but we also learned a new way of thinking that will be so valuable and important in any step we take from now in the business!"

Alexandra Kieffer

"Being an emerging solopreneur requires continuous learning and stretching out of your comfort zone. That is why I enrolled into the Portable Business Accelerator™ program. I learned how to clarify who is my target audience and how to build effective digital marketing strategies to attract my ideal clients. I am enrolling clients thanks to these strategies!"

Pauliina Mapatha





“Before joining this course, I was very hesitant and uncomfortable about marketing. Amel has taught me that marketing is all about "enabling others to discover how you are there to help." As soon as I changed my own approach to marketing, it has become much easier to develop marketing materials that feel authentic, generous, and real.”

Valérie Besanceney


Is this course for me if I have a business idea but have not done anything with it yet?

Yes! Thanks to this course you will know exactly what to do step-by-step to launch your business without wasting time, energy and money by making rookie mistakes.

Is this course for me if I already have a business?

If you already have a business but have not yet figured out a marketing and sales strategy that allows you to generate real consistent revenue, then this course is for you!

Is this course going to show me how to set up my business legally?

This course will not cover the legal aspects of how to set up a business. However, you will get some guidance in the bonus resources on how to direct your research and what mistakes to avoid, especially if you want to grow a successful portable business on the move.

How will this course be delivered?

You will receive an email with your private login and password to access your online course via an online tool called Teachable. As soon as you enter the platform, you will be able to start with the first lessons.

How much time do I need to invest in this course to get results?

The level of results will directly depend on your personal commitment to the course.

The videos will be purposefully broken down into short chunks to help you stay focused and not get overwhelmed with too much information.

If you wish to build the foundations and the strategies of your portable business as soon as possible, it is recommended to commit a minimum of 8 to 10 hours per week (or minimum 1 to 2 hours per day).

However, you can also take this course at your own pace and you have lifetime access with all future updates and improvements.

If you wish to stay committed and build accountability, you will be able to reach out to the Tandem Nomads Academy members inside the private Facebook group.

Will I get support if I have any questions about the lessons and implementation steps?

Yes! You will have a dedicated place where you will be able to ask your questions. Amel Derragui will be answering those questions live inside the Facebook group.

What is the refund policy?

You have a 35 days return policy guaranteed if you put in the work. If you don’t feel totally confident about what you’ve learned, simply reach out. If you show us that you have done the work by sending us your workbooks for each lesson and all completed exercises of one entire module, we will refund your investment.




I'm Amel: a global nomad, business coach and founder of Tandem Nomads. Over 10 years ago, I left a successful corporate career to join my husband abroad and launched a marketing consulting business. Making my business portable and sustainable on the move was my obsession! Once I figured it out, all I could think of is sharing it with other global entrepreneurs to save them the time and energy from doing it out on their own and losing confidence in themselves. I've also been on a mission to empower women to build their financial safety net, make an impact while doing what brings them joy and have a flexible lifestyle that fits their needs. After helping so many solo-entrepreneurs individually start or grow their portable business with my 3C™ system, I've transformed this proven method into a step-by-step program designed to help you implement stellar marketing strategies with solid foundations for long term success. I can't wait to meet you inside this program and introduce you to the Portable Business Accelerator™ community!